TN Woman's Suffrage Memorial
Honoring the past and a legacy for the future

The Women to be Honored

A life-size, bronze statue featuring three Tennessee suffragists: Lizzie Crozier French of Knoxville, Anne Dallas Dudley of Nashville, and Elizabeth Avery Meriwether of Memphis.

Yellow Ribbon Brigade of Tennessee

Elizabeth Avery Meriwether 1824-1916 Held first Tennessee public meeting to discuss women's rights in 1876 - Delegate to the National Suffrage Convention in 1879 - Published her own newspaper The Tablet

Inspired by news of Susan B. Anthony's attempted 1872 vote, Elizabeth Avery Meriwether dared to vote in the 1876 presidential election and reported..."when I tested the matter I was allowed to cast my ballot. Whether it was counted I cannot say. But counting my ballot was not important; what was important was to focus public attention to the monstrous injustice of including educated women with felons and lunatics as persons denied the right of suffrage."

Lizzie Crozier French 1851-1926 President, Tennessee Equal Suffrage Association, Inc. - Founder, Knoxville Equal Suffrage Association - Prominent statewide leader

"Bullets and ballots are not companions; but ballots in the hands of people are supposed to be a substitute for bullets in the hands of hired agents...Thanks be to God that in giving women the crown of motherhood he made her the giver not the taker of life. Woman has no greater claim to the rights of the ballot than that she is a producer not a destroyer of life."

Anne Dallas Dudley 1876-1955 President, Tennessee Equal Suffrage Association, Inc. - First President, Nashville Equal Suffrage League -Prominent statewide leader

"We have a vision-a vision of a time when a woman's home will be the whole wide world, her children all those whose feet are bare, and her sisters all who need a helping hand: a vision of a new knighthood, of a new chivalry, when men will fight not only for women but for the rights of women."

In addition to the figures on the statue, the following suffragists will be honored with their names on the banner:

Eastern Grand Division
Febb Ensminger Burn, Eleanor Coonrod, Margaret Ervin, Mary Howard, Mrs. T.W. McTeer, Mrs. T.P. Miller, Abby Crawford Milton, Mrs, W.E. Pentacost, Hannah & Anna Price, Catherine Wester, Mrs. Hugh L. White, Ann Keys Whorley,

Middle Grand Division
Mrs. James S. Beasley, Clare B. Buckner, Mattie Coleman, Maria Thompson Daviess, Bettie M. Donelson, Della Dortch, Sarah Barnwell Elliott, Catherine Talty Kenny, Caroline G. Kimbrough, J. Frankie Pierce, Amelia Terrett, Kathrine Burch Warner

Western Grand Division
Martha Allen, Virginia Meriwether Betts, Mary Ellis Butler, Flora E. Huntingdon, Eleanor McCormack, Lide A. Meriwether, Lulu Reese, Elizabeth Lyle Saxon, Mary Church Terrell, Ida B. Wells, Sue Shelton White, Charl Ormond Williams

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